Staying Near Khaosan Road

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Khaosan Road at night
Khaosan Road is always lively but most popular in the evenings as the mainly young crowd turn out to enjoy the many cafes and bars.

About Khaosan Road

Overview : Famous world-wide for being the backpacker’s gateway to asia, Khaosan Road has a different “feel” to the rest of Bangkok with shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation mostly being geared to please the stream of young travellers that come to experience it.

Originally popular as a cheap area to stay in, Khaosan Road has graduated to become an attraction in itself and although it still has low cost guesthouses many people are more interested in experiencing its fun nightlife venues.

While not on the BTS Skytrain or MRT routes, Khaosan is within walking distance of the Chao Phraya River and its fast ferries which provide an easy way to explore some of Bangkok’s major attractions.


  • Famous backpacker destination
  • Cheap accommodation
  • Lively nightlife
  • Lots of bars and cafes
  • Youthful and fun atmosphere
  • Close to Chao Phraya River

Staying Near Khaosan Road

A Cheap and Lively Area that's Popular with the Backpackers

Khaosan Road
Khaosan Road bar
There are many pleasant bars to relax in around the Khaosan Road area.

In its earlier days Khaosan was simply an ordinary part of Bangkok with cheap guest houses that attracted young backpackers on shoestring budgets.

Today its grown into a famous destination in itself and although not all visitors are backpackers the cheap accommodation and youthful vibe still exist.

During the day its an interesting place to wander around with plenty of market stalls and small bars to explore. During the evenings, however, is when the area really comes to life as the crowds arrive to enjoy the local restaurants and nightlife.

Khaosan Dining

Although Khaosan now caters to a wider range of tourists, backpackers on tight budgets continue to make up the majority and therefore dining costs tend to be low with street-carts and small restaurants selling cheap but tasty Thai food being particularly prevalent.

In addition to the local dishes there is also a good variety of international cuisine on offer including Indian, Italian, western and most of the famous fast-food brands In addition to the local cuisine, however, there is also a great variety other international food available

Khaosan Road during the day
Khaosan Road during the day is usually filled with overseas visitors exploring the markets and shops.
Khaosan Nightlife

In the evenings Khaosan and its neighbouring Rambuttri Road acquire a unique and interesting atmosphere as the small bars and cafes fill with visitors from all over the world.

Lively groups of people can be seen everywhere enjoying themselves dining, drinking and listening to live music into the early hours creating a usually friendly and relaxed ambience that makes it a great place to meet fellow travellers keen to share their experiences.

Getting Around

While not in the most convenient location from which to explore the rest of the city, it is within a short distance of the Chao Phraya River and its fast ferries which give quick access to some of Bangkok’s most famous historical sights as well as a connection with the BTS Skytrain at Central Pier.

Another cheap alternative to the ferries are the Bangkok buses though the services can be tricky to use as english advice may not be readily available.

Taxis and tuk tuks are easy to find though for anything but short trips, costs and traffic congestion make them generally less appealing than travelling by river.

Rumbuttri Road, Bangkok at night not far from Khaosan Road.
Khaosan's neibouring road, Rambuttri is also very popular in the evening for its bars and restaurants.

Hotels Near Khaosan Road Well-Rated in Guest Reviews

1Baan Chart Hotel - one of the newer hotels in the area, the Baan Chart is located right in the heart of the action between Rambuttri and Khaosan roads. A more expensive option than the local hostels but does offer a much better standard of accommodation and includes features such as a small rooftop pool and bar area. Guest reviews are generally positive but being so close to the nightlife may not suit light sleepers.

2Viengtai Hotel - located in Rambuttri Road which is another popular centre of nightlife close to Khaosan Road. Its a 200+ room hotel that offers basic rooms and facilities at reasonable rates. Guest reviews are generally positive with the convenient location probably being its main attraction though late night bar noise might not be acceptable to some people. (note: renovations occurring until Dec. 2016).

3Villa Phra Sumen Bangkok - a small boutique hotel within walking distance of Khaosan Road but far away enough to escape the party noise. Spacious, comfortable rooms in a pleasant setting, at reasonable rates this hotel gets generally very good reviews from guests with comments on friendly service being common.

4Korbua House - a budget hotel with comfortable rooms in a quiet location just a few minutes walk from Rambuttri and Khaosan roads. Reasonably priced for the standard and well-rated by most guests.

Map of hand-picked hotels in the Khaosan Road area

Khaosan Hotels Top-Rated by Guests

1   Baan Chart Hotel 3   Villa Phra Sumen Bangkok
2   Viengtai Hotel 4   Korbua House


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